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Physics with Transforms by Rodolfo Padilla

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About the author:

RODOLFO PADILLA began to be acquainted with electronics since childhood. During elementary school he liked to make experiments with a box of little lamps, coils, transformers, wires, and batteries in a corner of his bedroom. He followed plans from books and magazines that his friends gave him. He liked to listen to the radio at bed time with a Galena Radio that he built, using the window screen as an antenna. He loved to build heterodyne circuits with electronic tubes.

During the next five years of middle and high schools he continued experimenting and building electronic projects, and loved mathematics. A teacher encouraged him to build a radiofrequency oscillator and to present it in the physics science fair. That year, 1955, he received his Bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematical Sciences. He liked to make experiments and projects with transistors.

He graduated from the ESCUELA MEXICANA DE ELECTRICIDAD, receiving his degree as a radio and television technician in 1965. He continued studying and investigating more physics-related mathematics. On 1971 he published Physics with Transforms, a "treatise on conduction".

On 1980 he graduated from Cleveland Institute of Electronics (http://www.cie-wc.edu/)], recieving his degree in electronic engineering. On 1991 he published papers concerning experiments on electronic circuits. Chemistry with notes of all types of batteries, mathematics and physics. He continues making experiments and projects on electronics.

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